Mister Astro Mister Astro


It’s all about funk, style and monsters for Astro – graffiti artist from Montreal. Having started painting in the mid 90’s, he developed a highly distinctive style and created a world of its own, filled with funky letters and weird creatures. His inspirations are from old school New-York graffiti to European and Japanese comics. Always searching for the perfect simple and bold outline for more visual impact, his productions must always be fresh and fun, with a vicious touch. Besides graffiti he paints canvas and does illustrations for various clients.


Style 90%
Funk 80%
Intergalactic powers 70%


From my debut with little tags in my back alley to full scale production, my passion and goal never changed : to stay fresh and rock the city, while having fun. My true roots in graffiti are letters, but i’m painting characters since a long time. Graffiti for me must be simple, effective and recognizable.


Dichotomy  [dahy-kotuh-mee]

division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups:

a dichotomy between a clean canvas and a dirty wall, good and evil, kids and adults, giants and small creatures.

A smile may be hiding a weapon, a crack in a concrete wall could reveal a new world.


How: Hand made, Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Photoshop.

For: Books, publicity, t-shirts, skateboards, animation and much more.

Clients: from small local companies to big corporations.